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ChemID Platform Modules

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ChemID is an essential platform for the purposes of establishing traceability within regulated markets where quality chemical data, time and cost are mission critical to business outcomes.

Within the ChemID Platform you'll find essential software modules to help you acquire chemical data, manage data, compare data, publish/share chemical data.



In-House Chemical Testing

In 2019 Cann-ID was launched to assist farmers, processors, brand owners and retailers with the ability to test at ISO 17025 lab standard. Our solution is:

  1. Accurate

  2. Designed for the layman

  3. Collapses time (from days to minutes)

  4. Reduces capital expense associated with getting reliable chemical data

  5. Reduces operating expense associated with getting reliable chemical data

Cann-ID is endorsed by 98% of the Hemp Industry as the most formidable in-house testing solution in the world.



Track & Trace Compliance

In 2022, CHEM ID partnered with SICPA, the global leader in security inks and document security. Using SICPA's CERTUS application, the supply chain can certify chemical data on the blockchain for contractual practices.


Together we created VeriCERT, the only solution designed to authenticate product, and provide track/traceability of regulated goods traveling interstate, intrastate or international. VeriCERT is the only solution designed to combat black market and counterfeit products by distinguishing between legal and illegitimate products as they move in transit. In the world of adult beverages (beer/wine/liquor), this is commonly referred to as bond-to-bond transfers, a process requiring details from source to origin, including all vital information, manifest data and GPS coordinates 

  • T5 Test Track/Trace

  • Seed to Sale (Metrc, Biotrack)

  • Data Security (SICPA)

  • Transport (Interstate, International

  • FedEx, UPS, DHL

  • Tax (SICPA)

  • Insurance Underwriting


Managed Services.jpg

Solutions for Global Operators, Partnerships and Contract Manufacturers

Regulated markets suffer from the lack disparate solutions to manage chemical data. CHEM ID Managed Services Portal addresses this market need and includes:

• Client Data Portal (Free)

• 3rd Party Lab COA Extraction,  Translation & Loading (ETL)

• Support as a service

• Data Analytics

• Contract Manufacturing

• Labs, Growers, Tolls

• No-ICS


Brainstorm Team Meeting

Business Critical Integrations and APIs

• Marketplace Solutions

• Delivery Based or Location Based Services

• Lab LIMS systems

• CannaEd – Learning and Knowledge Base

• Leafly, Backbone, ERP etc.

• Insurance products

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