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Chem ID enables chemical data standardization, validation, traceability and securitization within a cloud-based data platform, using chemical data as the hub.


Using a hardware-agnostic approach, our clients include brand owners, analytical labs, processors, contract manufacturers, farmers, distributors, logistical providers and regulators.


Chem ID is designed to empower users, enabling them to unlock more profit potential while opening up doors to safely transport and conduct interstate and international commerce.

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Chem ID at it's core is a chemical data management platform for regulated markets. Chem-ID can support test, track, and trace requirements for global commerce support in the following ways:

  1. Serialization: Chem ID can implement a serialization solution that assigns unique identifiers to each individual product, which can be used to track the movement of products from production to distribution to end-use. This will help to ensure that products are authentic and have not been tampered with during transit.

  2. Traceability: Chem ID can establish a traceability system that allows for the tracking of products through the entire supply chain, from raw materials to end-use. This will help to quickly identify any issues or problems with a particular batch of products, allowing for a prompt response to address the issue.

  3. Quality Control: Chem ID can implement a quality control program that helps to ensure that products are of consistent quality and meet the required standards. This will help to reduce the risk of counterfeit or substandard products entering the market, which can impact both the reputation of the company and the health and safety of consumers.

  4. Compliance: Chem ID can establish a compliance program to ensure that the company is meeting all relevant regulations and standards for test, track, and trace requirements. This will help to reduce the risk of legal or financial penalties, as well as ensure that the company is operating in an ethical and responsible manner.

  5. Data Management: Chem ID can establish a robust data management system that allows users to import 3rd party raw chemical data or Certificate of Analysis into the Chem ID, standardize data (data harmonization), store, send and retrieve chemical data and product-related information, including test results, product specifications, and traceability data. This will help to ensure that the necessary information is readily available for regulatory or quality control purposes.


In conclusion, Chem ID can support test, track, and trace requirements for global commerce support by implementing serialization, traceability, quality control, compliance, and data management systems. These systems will help to ensure that products are authentic, of consistent quality, and in compliance with relevant regulations, which will help to protect both the company and its customers.

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Chem ID platform securely pulls in chemical data from singular, multiple, disparate or decentralized sources into one centralized chemical data management platform. Chem ID allows you to share, compare, insure, track, trace and transport product across state lines, or across the globe. We partner with best-in-class service providers to deliver a highly efficient platform designed to help you collapse time and cost, improving your bottom line.

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Endorsed, award-winning technology 

Chem ID keeps our clients ahead of the product curve, in compliance, ready for interstate and international commerce.

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