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Test, Track, Trace, Tax, and Transport Regulated Goods. 

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ChemID enables standardization, trackability and traceability of products within a cloud-based data platform, using chemical data as the hub.


Using a hardware-agnostic approach, our clients include brand owners, analytical labs, processors, contract manufacturers, farmers, distributors, logistical providers and regulators.


ChemID is designed to empower users, enabling them to unlock more profit potential while opening up doors to safely transport and conduct interstate and international commerce.

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ChemID is a chemical data management company. Our focus in regulated goods started with emerging therapeutics, with the release of our award-winning decentralized testing solution, Cann-ID. Cann-ID is the world's largest decentralized chemical data platform. Our markets include pharmaceutical, food safety, rare earth minerals and metals.

Contract manufacturers, multi-state operators, cultivators, processors, researchers and brand owners use Cann-ID to acquire chemical data, scale operations and to safe, consistent product in new and existing markets.  

We’ve partnered with world-class solutions providers like SICPA, the global leaders in product authentication and security. Of note they provide specialty inks to 96% of world governments bank notes, and tax stamps for cigarettes and alcohol. Our platform, and our partnership with SICPA, ensures compliance and facilitates interstate and international commerce through our Test, Track, Trace, Transport, and Tax solutions. 

With them, we have developed the first commercialized Certificate of Analysis data protected blockchain solution called VeriCert. VeriCert combats data forgery and provides authentication at a level never before achieved in our industry.

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ChemID platform securely pulls in chemical data from singular, multiple, disparate or decentralized sources into one centralized chemical data management platform. ChemID allows you to share, compare, insure, track, trace and transport product across state lines, or across the globe. We partner with best-in-class service providers to deliver a highly efficient platform designed to help you collapse time and cost, improving your bottom line.

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Endorsed by 98% of the entire hemp & cannabis industry in North America including the National Hemp Association and Hemp Industries Association. 

ChemID keeps our clients ahead of the product curve, in compliance, ready for interstate and international commerce.

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Understand how T5 can enhance the traceability and legitimacy of chemical potency data across the world.


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