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Welcome to Chem ID!

Updated: Mar 5


Exciting News: Chem ID Chemical Data Management Platform Now Available!

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Chem ID, your dedicated solution for importing, managing, sharing, and analyzing chemical data.

For a limited time, Chem ID is free to use! Don't miss out, sign up for your trial account today!

With Chem ID, you can:

🔍 Easily map and import chemical results from CSV data files

🔒 Securely store and view all your certificates of analysis (COAs)

🤝 Connect with colleagues and collaborate seamlessly across your organization

📋 Assign multiple tests to a single sample or product

📷 Upload and store product images along with chemical results

📎 Attach ancillary files like production records or manufacturing SOPs to products and samples

📂 Organize data into projects for simplified viewing and analysis

Stay tuned for upcoming features:

🚀 COMING SOON: Filter data and create data projects based on specific attributes and threshold limits

Ready to streamline your chemical data management? Get started with Chem ID today!

Import chemical data and view/share results.
Map CSV files and import data into Chem ID Database

Store and view COAs with sample and product data.

Still not sure, or have questions?

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