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Chem ID Tutorials: Adding Data Manually to Chem ID

Updated: Apr 3


Welcome to the Chem ID Tutorial Series; it's great to have you here! This blog series is dedicated to all things related to the Chem ID Data Management Platform. Check back often for new content, how to, feature releases, and general discussions regarding chemical data management and analysis. Let's get started!

This tutorial covers manually entering data into Chem ID. While there are a number of tools for automating data extraction, translation and loading (ETL) within the Chem ID data platform, sometimes results may need to be manually entered. No worries, we have you covered!

This video shows you how to manually create a sample in Chem ID, add a new test and manually enter test results for that test. It also covers how to add ancillary files to the sample; in this case we are adding a COA PDF to the newly created sample. All added test results and files are stored under the context of the new sample for easy organization and review.

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