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SIPCA Breakdown

Société Industrielle et Commerciale de Produits Alimentaires (SICPA) is a company based in Switzerland that specializes in providing security solutions for various industries, including the food and beverage sector. SICPA is known for its expertise in developing and implementing authentication, traceability, and anti-counterfeiting technologies.

SIPCA was founded in 1927 by Maurice Amon and focused on the special fat that was used in the milking of cows to help monitor the quality of the milk and cream that was used in the well known Swiss chocolate and cheeses. Later this was used in the preparation and the production of security inks and dyes for banknotes which it has been known for over the decades. Over the years, SICPA expanded its portfolio to include a range of security solutions for different applications. In the food industry, SICPA offers solutions to ensure the integrity and authenticity of food products, combat counterfeiting, and protect consumers from health risks associated with fraudulent or adulterated food.

Along with trying to ensure the authenticity of food products, tobacco lobbyists also in the EU teamed up with SIPCA in order to provide a type of “track and trace '' help in order to withstand the smuggling of cigarettes. This resulted in all of the packages of tobacco having a unique identifier that is on the packaging, visible, and difficult to remove.

SICPA's food security solutions may involve the use of specialized inks, labels, tags, or digital technologies such as blockchain. These solutions enable companies to track and trace their products throughout the supply chain, ensuring transparency and accountability. By implementing these measures, SICPA helps food producers, manufacturers, and retailers maintain quality control, prevent fraud, and safeguard consumer trust.

It's worth noting that while SICPA is involved in the food industry, the company also provides security solutions in other sectors such as government, pharmaceuticals, transportation, and more. However, SICPA is primarily known for its expertise in security solutions, including authentication and anti-counterfeiting technologies. This technology is used across the world for passports, bank notes, and anything that would require security. Chem ID has partnered with SIPCA in order to have our blockchains are secured and to have the data protected from types of manipulation, so that you know your data will be secured and tamper proof.

At Chem ID because we have partnered with SICPA you can feel secure in knowing that we use the most reliable form of blockchain technology to ensure your data is safe and protected. You can schedule a Chem ID demo here.


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